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Product Marketing

& Management experience

I have excelled in my current role as a global product marketer, consistently demonstrating exceptional performance and strong leadership. Serving as a key point of contact, I have successfully led multiple migrations to the Priceless platform, seamlessly integrating APIs and presenting all Mastercard Travel Rewards programs. Additionally, I have overseen numerous rewarding campaigns, resulting in an impressive $45M in revenue after just one year, representing a remarkable 46% increase compared to the previous year.

My valuable contributions extend to various areas, including the development of fundamental sales materials tailored to our clients' needs. Collaborating closely with the Product team, I have played an instrumental role in overseeing the creation of new features and capabilities, ensuring our platform remains cutting-edge. Furthermore, I have actively engaged with sales and customer success teams to foster strong client relationships, while also compiling insightful case studies and reports to effectively communicate findings and successes with our global markets.

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Previous Partners

In my current role, I've had the privilege of both participating in and leading marketing initiatives involving global issuers and merchants. These ventures hold the power to reach millions of Mastercard holders and necessitate the management of substantial budgets. Throughout my experience, I have successfully worked on both short-term and long-term projects, allowing me to hone my skills in both client-facing and internal roles. Collaborating closely with partners, I assist in defining their KPI goals and devising effective strategies to achieve them. Together, we navigate the path to success, crafting impactful marketing approaches that stand out from the competition.


Mobile API Integration

My Role: Project Leader

My team collaborated with ISbank, a leading mobile payment app in Turkey, to introduce their inaugural loyalty and rewards hub within their payment app. This endeavor entailed close collaboration with our development team to successfully integrate the necessary API and customization of the program in alignment with the partner's objectives. As a result, upon launch, all ISbank users with a Mastercard were able to seamlessly engage and enjoy exclusive rewards within the native ISbank platform.

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Rewards redeemed in first week

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Increase in in-app engagement for Mastercard holders

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Mastercard holders reached via in-app promotions

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Total reach of integrated marketing plan

American Airlines

Customized Web Environment

My Role: Project Leader

In collaboration with our global development, sales, and product teams, we established a co-branded microsite to host promotions and boost card spend and engagement. Teaming up with American Airlines, we devised a comprehensive marketing plan across various channels, including social media, paid search, CRM, and out-of-home advertising. This integrated approach, along with the captivating microsite, resulted in significant traffic, media coverage, and consumer engagement, surpassing our client's KPIs.

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lift in co-brand card spend

(following 6mo)

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Promotion microsite visitors in 3 months

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lift in spend at American Airlines

(following 6mo)

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Of original participants engaged with the next promotion


Web API Integration

My Role: Project Manager

Our global marketing team collaborated closely with Rakbank, a prominent UAE issuer, to create a tailor-made digital program that would complement their soon-to-be-launched airline cobranded card. In order to achieve this, we worked hand in hand with our internal development and product teams to seamlessly integrate a comprehensive API into Rakbank's app. This integration empowered cardholders to effortlessly purchase and redeem exclusive travel rewards. As a result, the successful implementation of this integration and rewards program significantly contributed to the highly successful launch and widespread recognition of their airline and travel-focused card.

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Boost in

card spend

(following 6mo)

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Of participants made their bank card their primary card

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Bookings were made from 40+ countries

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2 mo

Amount of time we took to implement

Apple Music & HBO Max

Cobranded Microsite

My Role: Assistant Project Manager

Our partnerships with Apple Music and HBO Max yielded impressive results, including enhanced brand sentiment and increased card spend. By offering real-time, relevant, and merchant-embedded consumer redemption experiences, we achieved significant growth. Our flexible technology enabled seamless deployment across multiple models, minimizing merchant lift and eliminating the need for issuer integration. Additionally, our program enabled accelerated time-to-market and maximized reach. Overall, these collaborations resulted in a boost in brand sentiment and substantial card spend, highlighting the effectiveness of our partnership initiatives.

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HBO Max program participants renewed for an annual subscription

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Apple Music program participants renewed for an annual subscription

Enjoy 4 months* of Apple Music on us

Enjoy 4 months* of Apple Music on us with your Mastercard.

Marketing Analyst experience

In my previous role as a marketing analyst, I had the responsibility of coordinating between the global marketing team and 20+ worldwide markets. I developed and distributed digital marketing campaigns, owned social and digital content messaging, and trained global markets on data collection and analytics. Following our global campaigns, I would then analyze our data and present key findings to our global markets and partners - suggesting new strategies for future campaigns.

Additionally, I initiated a project to gather both quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to consumer behavior shifts during the 2020 pandemic and competitor adaptations. My resulting comprehensive report was shared with leadership and I had the opportunity to present it to our CMO, Raja Rajamannar.

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Competitor & Consumer Analysis

Market Research Project

My Role: Project Leader

While working in my role as a Global Marketing Analyst, I realized that the standard metrics and reports I pulled for our team weren't providing enough insight to navigate the dynamic market of 2020.

Seeing this, I started a project to compile not only our quantitative data, but also qualitative data. Instead of only reviewing our KPIs for each market, I researched changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic, how our competitors were adapting, and suggestions for our teams.

I'm happy to share that my comprehensive report was passed on to leadership, and it was eventually presented to our CMO, Raja Rajamannar. Following this presentation, I was also invited to assist with his personal digital book launch of Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow's Consumers.

Travel Rewards

Internal Migration - Global Markets

My Role: Project Manager

As the project manager, I spearheaded the successful consolidation of 15 rewards platforms from various countries into a single global platform within an impressive timeframe of just 9 months. Working closely with our loyalty and development teams, I played a pivotal role as the key liaison between our global team and the individual markets, ensuring seamless coordination and communication throughout the entire process. This collaborative effort allowed us to build a robust and comprehensive environment for cardholders, setting the stage for new development and improvement opportunities across the platform. The remarkable outcome was a notable 17% lift in cross-border spend following the completion and launch of our global environment, showcasing the effectiveness of my leadership and project management skills.

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Separate Market Rewards sites migrated

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Products/Offers migrated into cohesive envionment

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New languages enabled on the Priceless platform

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New checkout methods developed to support content

Startup & Agency experience

Having worked in marketing positions at both an ad agency and a startup, I have developed a skill set that equips me to excel in product marketing. These experiences have honed my ability to adapt quickly and think on my feet - two crucial qualities in a fast-paced and dynamic industry.

At the ad agency, I learned how to navigate diverse client needs and industries, constantly adjusting strategies and messaging to meet their unique requirements. This taught me the importance of being adaptable and flexible, as marketing plans often need to be modified in response to changing market conditions or client feedback.

Similarly, my time at the startup exposed me to the challenges of launching new products and services in a competitive landscape. I had to think creatively and find innovative solutions to reach target audiences with limited resources. This experience sharpened my ability to think on my feet and make quick decisions that drive results.

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